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September 18 2018
NG6 v3.2 is available on https://forgemia.inra.fr/genotoul-bioinfo/ng6/tags. Illumina pipelines were greatly improved (less time to make the data and analysis results available). An Oxford nanopore Technologies pipeline is now available. Can now work with slurm and sge. All runs come with a md5 sum file for raw data. New interface to manage projects and purge associated data is now included.
August 30 2017
From now, Illumina data generated by GeT-PlaGe core facility and loaded in nG6 will include the flowcell barcode in the fastq.gz file names, in order to made them unique accross all runs.
June 17 2013
NG6 v2.0 is now available. This new version is based upon the jflow workflow engine instead of ergatis. This version is comming with several new features for runs administrators.
November 27 2012
NG6 is now only available in english.
September 14 2012
New user management system. 3 rights levels: administrator (in charge to run workflows), manager (in charge to manage project access) and member (browsing projects/runs/analyses).
Septembrer 9 2012
Publication of NG6 in BMC Genomics.
August 7 2012
NG6 is available in french and in english.
June 4 2012
Fix a bug in the generation of cigarline graphs produced by the AlignmentStats analysis.
November 23 2011
Since the 3rd of october 2011 the HiSeq quality encoding is in Sanger format, no longer in illumina format.
August 2nd 2011
New functionalities are available to browse your projects/runs/analyses. A hierarchical display is now available for analysis. For project administrators new functionalities are also available.
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